iPhone 14 iOS 16 trick to multitask on iPhone while using YouTube without premium membership

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Hello guys, welcome to GoogleTechno.com for iPhone tricks 2022. Today I will guide you how to use YouTube premium feature without paying. With this trick and tips, You will be able to use YouTube free of cost after reading this. In this article both the steps and link to video tutorial is shared in the end of this article.

The problem with YouTube is that we cannot multitask on phone while accessing it. But there is a good news for owners of Apple iPhones that we can use YouTube in the background while doing multitasking on our iPhone. This is possible on iOS operating systems of iPhones only. It is not possible with android mobile phones. Without paying we can do it. Follow these steps and enjoy YouTube full potential.

Step 1: Open safari browser.

Multitask phone while using YouTube in the background

Step 2: Open youtube.com in safari browser

Step 3: Search the song wish to listen in YouTube app. For example type Eminem Salena Gomez Broken Trust song.

Step 4: Go to home screen

Step 5: Open Control panel from right dropdown

Step 6: Click on Now Playing as shown in figure given above.

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