Android vs iOS (iPhone) Easy to understand

Sometimes it becomes a tough decision to make a choice between android vs iOS operating system devices while buying a new phone or any other product. This article will help you understand about pros and cons of iOS and android for making a good decision before buying phones. Companies like Samsung, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo etc. prefer android operating systems built by Google for their devices and customize it for better user experience and services while apple is the only company that uses iOS developed by itself for all of its devices like iPhone and its other products. iOS 16 and android 12 are the latest versions of operating systems in year 2022 and likely to updated to android 13 and iOS 17 in coming year 2023. The differences and comparison helps in understanding which is better for you.

My Own Experience (iOS vs Android)

I have used both iOS and android system. My experience is good with both the systems. Let me share my difficulties while using them. I faced difficulty while migrating What’s app from one system to another. Both of the systems are not offering previous backup. One need to start afresh with What’s app on new system irrespective to situation either migrating from iOS to android or android to iOS. I personally find less number of free apps on iOS App Store while it was not a difficulty for me with android. But The apps I used in iOS works smooth while I find frequent crash of few of apps loaded to my android device. Initially it was difficult for me to understand iOS compared to android but with time it feels me easier to handle iOS compare to android system.

9 Differences iOS vs Android Table

There are many difference between iOS and Android. A few of key differences between both the operating systems which are summarized in the table given below.

iOS Android
Designed by AppleDesigned by Google
Face ID for hassle free access (designed by Apple). no finger print recognitionFinger print sensing
Face time ( by apple)Third Party Applications (not as reliable and featureful like Face time)
Operating system look and features wise same for all the devices like iPhone, iPad etc.Look and feature wise different for every device as companies like Samsung, Motorola etc. customize it for better user experience.
Applications are downloaded from App StoreApplications are downloaded form Play Store.
Less number of free applications are available to useHuge collection of free applications free to use
No Privacy issue Privacy is compromised if not managed well by users
iCloud service (by Apple) for backup purpose. Only 5 GB is free. We cannot use any other cloud service for backup.Google Drive, One drive, Samsung Account etc. are available for backup purposes
Expensive due to paid Applications but more reliableNot Expensive but less reliable
iOS vs Android

iOS Advantages and Disadvantages

Here pros and cons of iOS are discussed in detail. In the next paragraph advantages and disadvantages of android system are discussed.

6 Advantages of iOS

  • It respect privacy. No installed app can use your privacy until you never allow them and one can quickly review the data being shared by the apps allowed by the users of iPhone.
  • It is super secure. Its “Find me” application and “Face ID ” makes it super secure. if somebody lost his/her iPhone can track iPhone using Find me option using internet. Moreover the stolen iPhone will be of no use for anyone else if it is Face id locked.
  • Its super Cool look and icons design
  • loaded with apps for productivity and for professional work.
  • Its automation option is unique. one can automate or customize the processes in the phone. for example
  • It can make apps secure using Face ID option.

3 Disadvantages of iOS vs android

  • iOS never support backups from other cloud services like google drive and OneDrive.
  • iOS is not available for developer for customization.
  • iOS has less number of free apps available in the App Store

Pros and Cons of android

Pros of android system

  • Flexible to use and available for developers for customization.
  • Almost every type of app is available in the Play Store of android system.
  • Easy to understand

Cons of android System

  • Privacy can be compromised.
  • Comparatively less secure.

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