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Wearable Lifestyle Camera – GoogleTechno

This wearable camera helps mobile app to instantly transfer content to your smartphone.

Features & details

Capture experiences for several hours and create dynamic first person time lapses

Live stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

Versatile mounting including a stylish lanyard, chain adapter, clip, and more

Mobile app to instantly transfer content to your smartphone

LCD touchscreen for device control, picture preview, and video playback

Chain Adapter :

The Chain Adapter can be used to wear yourFrontRow on your favorite necklace. It is removable so that you can connect the included lanyard, clip, or optional accessories

such as the car mount and coil mount.

Reverse Camera :

The Reverse Camera incorporates a lens with an 85° viewing angle.

Media Button :

Press the Media Button to take a photo or hold it down to begin video recording.

Power Button :

Use the Power Button to power on the FrontRow Camera. When the FrontRow Camera is powered on, pressing the Power Button will enter or exit sleep mode. Press and hold the Power Button to access the Reboot and Power off options.

Touchscreen :

Use the Touchscreen to navigate between the various modes. Tap the touchscreen in the center on the home page to hide/view the main icons.

Home Button :

The Home button returns you to the home screen. It can also be used to hide/show the icons on the main screen.

Technical Specifications :


Height: 70.3 mm / 2.768″

Width: 59.8 mm / 2.354″

Thickness: 12.1 mm / 0.476″

Weight: 55 g / 1.94 oz


Resolution: 640 x 572, 327 ppi

Type: 1.96 in. LTPS Round

Management: Touchscreen UI

G+F Virtual Multi-Touch

Full Color


Standby: 50 hrs

Recording: 1 hr 50 min – 2 hr

Live Streaming: 1 hr 45 min – 1 hr 55 min

Charging: Fast Charging via USB

Max. Power Consumption: 6W


Microphone: Stereo Audio Capture

Speaker: 1W Built-in Mono Speaker

Algorithm: Beamforming/Blind Source Separation

Main Camera

MP: (8 MP) / f2.2

FOV: 148°±3°

Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) – up to 2.7k

Max. Frame Rate: 30 fps

Optical Image Stabilization: Yes

Reverse Camera

MP: (5 MP) / f2.0

FOV: 85°

Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) – up to 2k

Memory &Storage


Storage: 32 GB

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