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How to solve tinder login failed, connection error , server error issue – GoogleTechno

Tinder is social networking app or online dating app when we try make account on tinder there are some issue occurred to login in tinder or some connection error issue occurred, dont worry so I’ll tell you how to solve this problem

There will be a simple way to solve these issues on most of the devices including Android and iPhone. Tinder social media app allows mutually interested users to chat and communicate each other. This app is utilized by millions of people across the world. But, you might also face problems while using Tinder app.

Follow this steps

# Solution 1: Reset app preference from setting.

Step 1: Go to “Setting” Open “App manager”.

Step 2: click on upper right corner three dots for menu.

Step 3: click on Reset app preference.

# Solution 2: Restart you are mobile

Step 1: Remove all recent app Turnoff data connection and then restart your phone.

when you restart your phone the Ram was clear and background performing app is removed.

# Solution 3: clear google play service cache or update your google play service

Step 1: Go to setting open app manager.

Step 2: click on google play service and clear data and cache.

# Solution 4: Use old version of tinder or reinstall the tinder in mobile.

 sometime our mobile does not support new version so that time try older version on that app.

Reinstall the App because sometime App may not install in proper way so this type of problem was occur.

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