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How to solve Snapchat “login fail” “Connecting To Server Error” problem – GoogleTechno

Snapchat one of the best is social networking app. it is very intimate messaging application, the purpose of it is to in a way, send messages to people that you wouldn’t send to someone in a other application because the photo or message deletes itself after you open it, unless someone screenshots their screen but the recipient gets alerted if it happens. Snapchat is best app to connect with friends and family chat with friends share them your snaps and so many interesting features are available in the app.  And when we wish make account on Snapchat there are some issue occur to login on Snapchat or some connection error issue occur.

There will be a simple way to solve these issues on most of the devices including Android and iPhone. Snapchat social media app allows mutually interested users to chat and communicate each other. This app is utilized by millions of people across the world. But, you might also face problems while using Snapchat app.

Follow this Step

# Solution 1: Reset app preference from setting.

Step 1: Go to settings Open app manager

Step 2: click on three dots which is located at upper right corner for Menu option.

Step 3: click on Reset app preference.

# Solution 2: Restart you are mobile

Step 1: remove all recent app turnoff data / Internet connection and then restart your phone.

when you restart your phone the Ram was clear and background performing app is removed.

# Solution 3: clear google play service cache or update your google play service

Step 1: Go to setting open app manager.

Step 2: click on google play service and clear data and cache.

# Solution 4: Use old version of Snapchat or reinstall the Snapchat App in mobile.

sometime our mobile does not support new version so that time try older version on that app.

Reinstall the app because sometime app may not install well because parse package error so this type of problem was occur.

Hope you guys like this post if your facing the same problem then use above solutions and give us a feedback in comment box thank you !!

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