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Automatic scrolling down problem occurring in windows 10 this problem is occurred because if you pressed Clt+ Alt + Page down button. If your computer has started scrolling on its own, it could prevent you from performing the simplest tasks. unexplained scrolling can be caused by a number of issues, so troubleshooting involves identifying the problem through a process of elimination. there may be problem of mouse or unplug your keyboard both check if its scrolling down if yes then OS or motherboard issue.

Follow the steps

#Solution 1:

step 1: Open browser and search for “KeyTweak” software and download it or click on below link

Download KeyTweak

step 2: after completion of download install the .exe file and open it.

step 3: Press page down keyboard key shown on computer screen by left mouse button.

step 4: Click on disabled key and then, apply button.

Computer will restart automatically !

#Solution 2:

step 1: Open “control panel” in computer.

step 2: Then open “hardware and sounds”.

step 3: Now open “devices and printers” option.

step 4: Now right click on mouse and then select “Troubleshoot”. or you can directly manage with Mouse settings option.

#Solution 3:

Update your windows it’ll also solve this issue !!

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