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How to solve “JioFi” portable wifi router not working issue. – GoogleTechno

Reliance company launch jiofi services in 27 December 2015 on the 83rd birth anniversary of late Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries, and later services were commercially launched on 5th September 2016.

Reliance company gives great service to jio users. jio 4G one of the best high speed 4G network in india. reliances jiofi a portable hotspot. Jio is an LTE mobile network operator in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance company main office (headquarter) in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra that provides wireless 4G LTE service network (without 2G/3G-based services) and is the only ‘VoLTE’ (voice over LTE) operator in the country which lacks legacy network support of 2G and 3G, with coverage across all 22 telecom company.

I was also facing the same problem. so i found a solution on it. the given method really work well try if your also facing the same jiofi problem. It’s not the mistake of your device. It’s the general issue which I hope everyone is facing too.

Follow this steps.

#Solution 1:- Reset your JioFi.

Step 1: Keep “ON” JioFi then remove the “back cover” from JioFi.

Step 2: when you remove cover you will see the “factory reset button” at side corner.

Step 3: “Press” and “Hold” this button using “Sim ejector” Continue at list “40 seconds“.

Step 4: just wait when “light blinking” then after it’ll “restart automatically“.

Step 5: When you reset Jiofi the all setting and data will be cleared automatically , you need to configure again with jio service.

Step 6: “Connect Jiofi” and “Open browser

Now you can use your Jiofi without any problem. !!

To Hide user from JioFi.

#Solution 1: To hide wifi from other users.

Step 1: “Connect” JioFi with any of your “Computer” or “smartphone” ,

now “open any browser“.

Step 2: Type this URL or click on link

Step 3: Login with your ID and password, go to settings.

Step 4: Click on network and “Enabled” – MAC Address Filter.

Step 5: After you allow the MAC Address filter you will see MAC Address filter mode click “Allow“, then click on “Add option” button.

Step 6: Now it shows all connected user on your JioFi device. Now select the MAC Address to with you want to share your wifi and click on “apply” button. Now only you selected MAC Address will use your jiofi Internet.

To block user from your JioFi

#Solution 1: To block user.

Step 1: “Deny” the MAC Address filter mode in the setting, then click Add option.

Step 2: it shows devices( MAC Address ) connected to your JioFi.

Step 3: Now select MAC Address of that person whom you wish not to use your JioFi, and click on “apply” button.

Hope you guys like this post i think this post is useful for you if you have occurred any problem then comment download below. !

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