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How to solve ”App not installed” problem in Android phone – GoogleTechno.

This is the easy way to solve app not installed problem on android follow my steps are given below.

What is app not installed problem ?

android app not installed is no more an unknown Error code during application installation as many people experience it. application not installed error message usually pops up when you are trying to download and install an App with a .apk file extension from somewhere other than the google play store.

        The error is very confusing at first but make sense when you realize that this unknown Error code during application installation is neither a software issue nor a hardware problem. It is a direct outcome of what you do with your device. Yes, you heard that right. Your faulty actions can cause Android App not installed error.

Why occurs this type of problem in android phone ?

app not installed” or “application not installed

this problem occurs because of

when you download a .apk extension file form browser or any other game store.

android manifest set in android phone lots of permission where this type of error occurs.

sometime the app build have corrupted files.

when you install unsigned app that time this error has occurs.

How to fix this type of error ?

#Solution 1:-

Step 1: Download “Zipsigner” app from play store or any other browser or click on below link to download app.


Step 2: Install app and then open you will see the some contains there.

Step 3: Tap on “choose input/output” and select apk file then click on “sign the file” as shown in image.

Step 4: Now install the signed app.

# Solution 2 :-

If above method Not work then try this.

Step 1: Download and install “Apk editor app” from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open app and click on “select apk from app” then click on “select an apk file” as shown in image.

Step 3: ‘select apk‘ file and click on “common edit” option. now change the version number of that app to any older app version search on google for older apk version about that app .

Step 4: apply changes in apk app editor and install this app from “apk app editor“.

#Solution 3:-

If this process not work then try this last one.

Step 1: Go to settings > app manager > package installer (available in system app)

Step 2: Clear data and cache files from there then install you are app.

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