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How to solve “App isn’t available in your country” issue – GoogleTechno

Why App isn’t available in your country ?

Because developer made it not available for your country. While uploading Application to play store, developer has option to select list of countries where the Application can be visible in play store.

if you are using an iPhone and want to download an app that is not available in your country but is available in another country you’ll have to follow solution no. 2

Follow this Steps

# Solution 1: For Android User

Step 1: First of all download any one “VPN” app from play store some app name is listed below download anyone from play store.

monster vpn

opera vpn

hi vpn

yoga vpn

free vpn unlimited

light vpn

Step 2: install “VPN” and open it and  connect to that country the app is available in there.

Step 3: Clear your Play store data and cache ( how to clear – go to setting > app > click on play store > clear data and cache ).

Step 4: now search for app in any browser and click on google play store link then he’ll redirected you to play store and download app.

# Solution 2: For IPhone Users

Step 1: you will need to change your iTunes account to the country that has the app.  In order to change your iTune account to another country you will need a debit/credit card and an address from the country.

 Your App Store can only download apps available from the country your iTune is registered with. When I moved to California from London I was unable to download a lot of apps on my phone like my bank app because my iTune account was still registered with a uk detail.

You can only download apps that are available to the country your iTune account is registered to.

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