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How to “Recover Disabled Gmail Account” – GoogleTechno

Some of those people are Facing this account disable problem. account is disabled because if you search more and more times about hacking. if you searched impropriate things on google. You are doing Some illegal activities. Or spreading some spam or unauthorized emails to a recipient. Google has its some own policies if your going against with policies you will be blocked from Google as well as Google all Apps.

How to Protect your self from blocking ?

Don’t search about hacking Use VPN if your searching illegal things on google sometime google may blocked you on all his App and gmail like Google+ , Google Assistant , Google maps and YouTube etc.

Here are Some Reasons for account Blocking.

Account hacking or hijacking
Use of multiple accounts for abuse
Child exploitation
Creating a false identity to deceive people
Terrorist content
High call volumes
Automatic calls or messages
Breaking product policies

Google may take 24-48 hour time to reply your mail wait for it. Google always give a warning 10 Days before Blocking. if your account not Open in 3 Days, Fill form again and send.

Follow this steps.

# Solution : 1

Step 1: Click on below link account disable form and fill the form with correct information.

Account Disabled Form

Step 2: it may take 24 to 48 hour working time wait for it. account will recover automatically.

if account not open between 2 to 3 days. then submit again Account Disabled form.

Note : After you submit the form, we’ll review your request.We’ll usually email you within 2 business days to let you know if your account has been restored or not.

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