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If you try to increase your business or you think that people connect with you on whats app, you can create a personal link of your WhatsApp number, so the customers or your friend can directly message you by clicking on link without having the problem of saving your number. Its a very simple trick and cool trick that anyone can follow. users can easily navigate to the chat box at one click.

Whether you’re building a web page for your business or product, managing a social media page, your contacts are also looking forward to contact you directly. And well, with increasing users interaction with internet/web and application, businesses and users like are finding it rather easy to handle contacts in real-time communication channel such as WhatsApp.

After plenty of speculation, WhatsApp plans for a separate business app went official in late 2017. It’s January 2018 and the app is finally available for download, and millions of small business owners in India can take advantage of what WhatsApp Business has to offer. We can manage our online store with this new application. We can set the store, description of store, timing of store etc.

Follow this Steps

#Solution 1:

Step 1: Use your country code ( For example 91- India ), put your country code.

https://­­send?phone=(country code)(your WhatsApp number.)

Country code and number are looks like as shown below link.


Step 2: Replace 8888999988 with your WhatsApp phone number.

Step 3: “Copy link” and “share” with anyone you wish to connect with that person.

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