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what is chrome extension ?

Google Chrome extensions are small software that can be installed into Chrome browser in order to make it more convenient for the user. Extension files are zipped into .crx package that the user downloads and installs easily. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

there are varies types of functionality that done by chrome extensions. Auto correction by grammarly extension, beautiful new tab background pictures by earth view extension, Blocking ads from being displayed by fair adblocker, optimizing memory usage so that chrome runs more efficiently, password manager extension saves your all passwords etc. extensions offer a wide range of extra functionality so that you can perform tasks easier or get more out of the web sites you visit.

Evernote web clipper

Evernote extension helps to save clips or selection you see on the web page. With evernote web Clipper, clip any webpage, highlights what matters most, take screenshots, and have access to that information whenever and wherever you need it. Clip the web pages you want to keep. Save them in Evernote account. Use Evernote as the place you put everything. clip selection, Write, collect and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, memos, you can also set reminders to keep on top of activities, you can also Use Evernote as a notepad. turns your new tab page into a beautiful personal dashboard. it has an excellent home page. there are so many features of like you can save bookmarks easily, RRS display, RSS feeds from your favorite site on your dashboard. In you can also create your own beautiful background. Best customization while staying clean looking and easy to use. In there are thousands of widgets available. stylish backgrounds Style your start pages. embed video, web pages, and other web content right onto your start page.


Resize extension makes current tab and tabs to the right into layouts on separate windows. with the resize extension you can easily split your windows screen to made easy. When 2 or more tabs are highlighted, only these tabs will be considered for resize. It’ll support for multiple monitors, left and right alignment, drag and drop to rearrange layouts. Fully supports Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

In ’empty tab’ mode, new windows with empty tabs will be created if there are not enough tabs to fill your selected layout. In single tab mode, only the selected tab will considered. Only the current tab will change in size, all other tabs to the right will be ignored. You can also create your own custom layouts.

Fair adblocker

Fair Adblocker is chorme extension which help’s to block all ads appear on web page and also block malware, popup ads and make you are browser faster. with the help of fair adBlocker extension you can protect your device from any security threats and protect your privacy from online tracking. you can also block Facebook ads, Webmail ads, Search ads, and more. the notice you see about having access to all website automatically.

Https everywhere

HTTPS everywhere extension is chrome extension which protect you form of surveillance and account hijacking, and some forms of censorship. https everywhere automatically switches number of sites from insecure “http” to secure “https”. If https Everywhere causes a site to look weird or break, you can disable it easily. https everywhere for Chrome is currently in beta, and a few such issues are inevitable due to bugs in websites’ https support.

Earth view

Earth view is chrome extension which beautifully designed to increase you are browsing experience with beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab. earth View displays a beautiful Satellite image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab. you can also download the background image for desktop wallpaper or mobile wallpaper and share your favorite image with your favorite people.


Grammarly is a chrome extension. with grammarly you can increase you are written communication everywhere you type. after installing the extension, you have to register new account, you will start to receive weekly emails with personalized insights and performance stats. Grammarly will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free everywhere else you write on the web. Grammarly detects correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. Grammarly can fix hundreds of complex grammatical errors, including subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement, to name just a few. grammarly checks for over a hundred additional types of errors, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, suggestions for different writing styles.

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